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Emails we have received

In the Restaurant

“I have a restaurant “Pho Bistro” in York PA. and you know how trash smell after a week. OMG. I can puke. But after I sprayed “Garbage Fresh”. A few minutes later I can breathe again. Tks to this spray Great Product”

Hai Dao
York, PA

In the store

“Thank you for the Garbage Fresh sample. We own a Nutrition club and serve a lot of protein shakes and they make our garbage smell pretty bad and they get a lot of buildup. With the garbage fresh we are able to just use a couple of sprays to clean our receptacles and it leaves them clean and fresh. The scent lasts and helps keep our trash cans smelling fresh throughout the day. We will not stop using this product because it is the only thing that works.”

Greg & Shea Albert
Owners Derby Nutrition / Haysville Nutrition

In the Laundry Room

“Our washer in our laundry room kept getting a sulfur stench after every 3-4 washes.  We had taken the necessary precautions of looking for mold and cleaning around the brim, but we discovered that the smell stayed!  We tried over the counter solutions, but all it did was mask the smell with bleach and still the stench would come back after a short period of time.  We decided to try garbage fresh after a recommendation and WOW.  After running the garbage fresh through a clean cycle in the washer, the smell was completely gone with no residual scent.  It literally just smelt clean.  We are on week 6 without any smells coming back!  I will definitely be a lifelong user!”

Lindsay Cooney
Chester Springs, PA

In the Garage

” A friend told me about Garbage Fresh. I used a small amount in my deplorable garbage can in my garage, and with a little rinse of water, the can sparkled like new!,  and smelled great!…….Very Impressed!”

Mike Hennessy
O’Fallon , MO

In the Kitchen

“I used Garbage Fresh in a kitchen trash can that contained a lot of organic matter at the bottom. It completely removed the organic matter and freshened the trash can. The trash can looks like it did when i first bought it. This stuff is amazing”

Chris Swain
Minneapolis, MN

Front Loaded Washing Machine

For the last 3-4 years I’ve been dealing with an awful mold smell coming from my front load washing machine.  At points the smell was so bad, It would almost take my breath away.  I tried everything under the sun, from the cleaners you could buy at the store to running bleach/vinegar through a wash cycle with little to no help.  Then I came across a product called GARBAGE FRESH and let me tell you what, it worked. Worked so well it even made my house smell as if it had been deep cleaned.  I sprayed directly into the washing machine and let it sit for a good hour and then ran a wash cycle by adding garbage fresh to the same place you would put the detergent.  BOOM, no more nasty smelling front load washer!  If it wasn’t for this amazing product, I would have just ended up buying a new washer! Thanks GARBAGE FRESH! 

James Poegl
Aylett, Virginia

In the garage

I live in a neighborhood that requires me to put my trash can in my garage, so they can’t been seen. I have tried to clean them out before when the smell was really bad, but nothing seemed to work. I used Garbage Fresh and I was shocked how clean the trash can was, it was like a brand new can. All i had to do was spray it in the can, let it sit and rinse it out. It’s been two week now and my garbage cans still smell good

Tommy Powell
Cary, NC

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