Garbage Fresh Cleaner

Garbage Fresh is an extremely versatile, environment friendly, highly concentrated household cleaner developed to tackle tough messes and eliminate foul odors that form in areas such as kitchen drains, septic tanks, RV’s, trashcans, concrete, fabric, carpet, tile, and grout: also eliminates pesky drain flies.

It was formulated to liquify and digest solid waste and build-up in areas where mold, dirt, sludge, and bacteria grow, and since it is biodegradable, Garbage Fresh can be safely used both inside and outside the home.

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Garbage Fresh has Countless Applications

Trash Cans
  • Pretreat empty cans to absorb odors as trash piles up throughout the week
  • Easy to use application for all size cans guarantees to remove dirt, sludge, and build up after trash day or as needed

How to Use

  • Squirt a ring (6 to 12 ounces) around the top of trashcan and let sit for at least an hour*
  • rinse can thoroughly with water
  • use as a pretreatment to maintain a clean and fresh can
Drains and Garbage Disposals
  • Treat at the end of the day to clean and break down watse and germs that cause odors
  • Eliminates drain flies

How to Use

  • application works best at the end of your day
  • Squirt 2 to 4 ounces into drain, run the disposal for 2 seconds

  • let sit overnight
Pet and Household Odors
  • Cleans and deodorizes tough messes and stains on carpets and upholstery

How to Use

  • treat affected area after removing as much of the waste as possible and let sit for at least an hour
  • wipe with a cleaning cloth

Remember for every How to Use; quantity & sit time needed per application will vary depending on the extent of the mess.

Announcing Foam-X Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

As we all continue to adjust to the current situation one thing that is universally agreed upon is that washing your hands is vital to staying healthy. And when you can’t hit the sink, Foam-X is there to keep you germ free.

Foam-X hand sanitizer produces a fast drying, non-sticky foam that contains unique nondrying, conditioning and moisturizing ingredients, leaves the skin with a soft, refreshing and silky afterfeel, and does not contain polymer thickeners or silicones.

Foam-X Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer is based on the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride and kills 99.9-99.9999% of most common germs that may cause illness in just 15 seconds. 


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